Last August 16, I had my first event with the YFC-PUP at St. Joseph College in Quezon City. It was fun and I found it a little interesting more than I thought. The activity was named as ALERT!. It was also my first time to be in an event full of YFC members from the participating universities that are in the U-belt. The said event covered a list of activities including a dance competition, battle of the bands, and the Acapella singing (I hope I spelled it right).

Our university participated at the said activities and we proudly say that we've won the Acapella singing. Although we didn't win the other competitions we were still happy that we've participated. Among of the members of the YFC dance group were my classmates. I had so much fun along with the YFC-PUP and also with the other activities that we've done. I'm hoping for another event with them. ^_^

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