Films have a funny way of touching people, of evoking emotions and of making viewers feel part of their reflective stories. And there are hundreds upon hundreds of films that make us want to be where they're set. Everybody has their own list of memorable destinations in movies. A single list of 10 isn't quite enough to cover a small fraction of it. But I'll give you a taste of the common favorites. Take a peek...

1. Salzburg, Austria (from The Sound of Music) - Captivating audiences worldwide was not only accomplished by Julie Andrews. Rather, the hills that were alive have a lot to do why the film is a family favorite. Salzburg gained international popularity and showed that it was so much more than the magnificent view in the movie.

2. South of France (from A Good Year) - Although it is set in many locations, the most captivating of them is the serene South of France countryside. Vineyards, stone facades and everything old-world France are elementally present at this locale and are masterfully woven as the arresting backdrop of the beautiful tale.

3. Tokyo, Japan (from Lost in Translation) - There was something unreal and fictional about Tokyo in this movie, and yet, there was also something magnetic and familiar. It was full of life, perhaps, more alive than Tokyo really is for first-timer travelers. But you can't but be drawn to the city as the film's plot unravels around it.

4. Tuscany (from Under the Tuscan Sun) - If the gorgeous men in Tuscany isn't enough reason to buy yourself a Tuscan villa, then how about the gorgeous scenery? In this film, it's inviting, warm, and carefree and the sun shines a different way. That's the kind of invitation that's hard to turn down.

5. Phi Phi Ley, Thailand (from The Beach) - If you weren't focused too much on the eye candy that was Leonardo DiCaprio, you'd see that Thailand is nothing like what you thought it is. This specific spot, near Phuket, has a major story arc in the film and its "paradise" status just makes you wanna make your own The Beach moments.

6. Venice, Italy (from The Talented Mr. Ripley) - It was reported that Venice had a massive tourism boom after the release of the film. And why not? The way it was depicted is nothing short of irresistible. Amidst the conflicts of the characters, the city (with its canals) blended right in.

7. Paris, France (from Amelie) - There is nothing more authentic in cinema than seeing Paris through the eyes of Amelie. This off-beat, maybe even unusual, character is strangely relatable. We join her in her daily Parisian life and somehow, we feel like we've been to those places she's been.

8. Highclere Castle, England (from Eyes Wide Shut) - If you could divert your attention for a while from the sexual tension of one of the most popular English destinations. The famous/infamous explicit scene wouldn't be the same if it was shot in a different location.

9. Around the United States (from North by Northwest) - Shot on location at Gran Central Station, Mount Rushmore and various natural scenes across the US, this film made Cary Grant the image of a true American hero. As he navigates through the Midwest like it was all his, audiences were living vicariously through him.

10. New Zealand (from The Lord of the Rings trilogy) - Who knew that New Zealand was so beautiful? The natural backdrop was magical in its own way, and most of it augmented the fantasy that the movie was all about. There couldn't have been more appropriate setting for Middle Earth.

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